Katy Rea is a songwriter and recording engineer. She works from home
and at her fully equipped studio in Bushwick. 
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dear friend,
I am merely a teammate for you -the artist, or group,
creating a warm place for genuine moments; goofy, deranged, somber, sweet ...
these songs intently captured and printed as memories
to be heard forever.

produced  engineered  mixed 
Katy Pinke LP in production
Isaac McClung LP in production
Matthew Danger Lippman LP  upcoming release   
Matthew Harrison LP  upcoming release   
Kate Douglass Vegas Girlfriend  
Marley Hale Single Cowboy Blues   
Scout Gillett EP One to Ten  
Katy Rea LP  The Urge that Saves You   
Katy Rea and Goodfight Not Enough Sky (tapes)    


“Once a crystal choir appeared while I was sleeping
and called my name and when they came down nearer
Saying, dying is done, then a new song was sung until somewhere
we breathed as one and still I hear their whisper.”

•••  Judee Sill  •••