dear friend, I am merely a teammate for you -the artist, or group, creating a warm place for genuine moments; goofy, deranged, somber, sweet ...these songs intently captured and printed as memories to be heard forever.

Dying is Done is a music production co. based out of a shared studio in Brooklyn. Katy Rea has produced, mixed, and, engineered for Scout Gillett, Katy Pinke, Matthew Danger Lippman, Goodfight, herself, and more.  for new releases.

The studio is equipped with a large control room, live room, and a vocal booth and can accommodate everything from live bands to smaller overdub sessions, while also functioning as a writing and production facility. It Includes a great collection of new and vintage gear. Katy is also available for remote mixing. for rates or questions

“Once a crystal choir appeared
while I was sleeping and called my name
and when they came down nearer
saying, dying is done, then a new song was sung
until somewhere we breathed as one
and still I hear their whisper.”

•••  Judee Sill  •••